Lilium Sachet


Evocative of the scent sachets from the Victorian era, Lillium is perfectly sized to discreetly tuck into a pocket or bag. With double lining in silver silk and cinch closure, there’s no need to fret about items slipping out and becoming lost. While the Victorians stuffed sachets with aromatics to politely navigate the less pleasant smells of life, Lillium can be used to carry trinkets, or be used in place of small jewelry boxes or gift wrapping. 

Available pre-filled with lavender and rose, jasmine and orange peel, or specify “none” if you would like to receive Lillium empty and ready to fill yourself. 

(Lillium is shown in Garnet thread)

Please utilize the drop-down menu to specify thread color. 
Available thread colors: Ghost White, Silver, Silver Ice, Charcoal, Garnet, and Black

Preorder items are handmade to your specifications and will ship in 4-6 weeks. Limited stock available. Night Blooms will whither and vanish on May 15th