Epidendrum Hair Pin


Let your heart be vulnerable, but tend it carefully. Designed to be worn as either a shawl pin or hair pin, Epidendrum features an open, valentine style heart design with a fully functional hat pin. On one end of the hat pin, you will find a decorative resin top (available in three colors), while the other end has a sharp point (to easily pierce layers of fabric) and cap for safety. 

Epidendrum utilizes a heavier thread than the rest of the collection to ensure the integrity of the piece. 

(Epidendum is shown in Victorian Red with Bittersweet Red resin)

Please utilize the drop-down menu to specify thread and resin color options.

Available thread colors: Victorian Red, Charcoal, and Silver Ice

Available resin colors: Mystic Black (deep purple to black color shift), Bittersweet Red (bright red to bruised plum color shift), and Arsenic White (milky)

Preorder items are handmade to your specifications and will ship in 4-6 weeks. Limited stock available. Night Blooms will whither and vanish on May 15th