Cestrum Nocturnum Cuffs


A gentle restraint, a guiding hand, hold closely but not too tightly. Cestrum Nocturnum Cuffs is a set of decorative cuffs that can be stealthily worn under long sleeve shirts with the lace edge peeking out, or openly as a subtle nod to restraint.

The cuffs encircle the wrist with a smaller lace design while the free edge slightly covers the back of the hand, almost giving the illusion of a glove. 

Cestrum Nocturnum Cuffs have three available closures for your comfort and aesthetic preference: trailing ribbons to be tied in a variety of styles, lobster clap, or hook-and-eye closure. 

(Shown in black thread with red ribbon; also available as a matching collar.)

Please utilize the drop-down menu to specify thread color and closure option. 
Available thread colors: Ghost White, Silver, Silver Ice, Charcoal, Garnet, and Black

Available ribbon colors: Black, Red, and Silver

* Metal parts are lead and cadmium free pewter

Preorder items are handmade to your specifications and will ship in 4-6 weeks. Limited stock available. Night Blooms will whither and vanish on May 15th